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The World is Watching.  QuickFacts.com links you to what they are seeing. Recognizing the complex dynamics informing national and international news and events, QuickFacts.com establishes a global perspective to the daily conversation through curated direct access to story coverage in leading news outlets around the world.

With story selection reflecting the daily conversation, and often with multi-source coverage for unique perspective and awareness, QuickFacts.com informs the daily conversation with added insight.

  • QuickFacts focuses on political issues, business and economics, current affairs, cultural trends and others stories which impact the personal and collective interests of our visitors.

  • Based in the US, QuickFacts generally targets stories of national relevance to the US and the US interests globally.

  • QuickFacts presents a global perspective through curated headlines and ledes linked to English language sources published around the world and well as in the US.

  • QuickFacts presents the work of professional journalists.  On a given story QuickFacts may present multiple sources to inform with multiple perspectives.

  • QuickFacts uses human intelligence rather than arbitrary algorithms and taxonomy to determine story relevance, cutting through internet clutter,

  • QuickFacts.com is presented online in a single page "broadsheet" headline format with story expansions provided through links directly to the original source publication. 

Simple. Straightforward.  A new tool for information access and distribution based in a methodology wholly grounded in smart thinking.  Incubated as a specialty research provider in 1997, QuickFacts.com has evolved into an innovative provider of online services. 

Publishing Note:  New material is added to QuickFacts.com daily. We continually test links for reliability. Despite our best efforts, links may fail (often only temporarily) without warning. We apologize for any inconvenience.   New links are added at or near the tops of sections. . Most items will continue to be available for five or more days. Video Content changes more frequently.  As most links will eventually expire, sometimes after only a few days, we urge readers who see an item worth keeping to save or print it while the link is still valid.


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